The ACC Basketball Tournament gets ESPN’s top billing.

A lot of us criticize ESPN’s coverage of their conference and their teams. You know the whole the SEC Bias thing. I’ve been critical of ESPN in the past as well.   There is one time though where ACC fans have to pleased with ESPN, and that is during the ACC Men’s basketball tournament.

The ACC is clearly getting top billing from during this week. That was the case last year as well. Every ACC Tournament game is on ESPN or ESPN2.  This year there are even more games on ESPN’s top channel ESPN than last year (9 – 8).

The ACC Tournament has their Finals, Semi-Finals, Quarterfinals all on ESPN. The entire Thursday quarterfinals will be ACC basketball on ESPN. – All day, All ACC

By comparison…


The SEC gets just 3 games on ESPN, and none in prime time.  Yes most of the games are on the SEC Network, but all but three? ESPN is in about 25 Million more homes than the SEC Network. I’m not saying the ACC shouldn’t get their own network. They should, but in this one case, more eyes are on ACC Basketball.

The Big 12 doesn’t have a network and has 5 games ESPNU, with just one on ESPN.    Nothing can make it more clear that ACC basketball is a more valuable property than Big 12 basketball, than this week’s coverage.

The Big 10’s coverage isn’t bad. They have their Finals and Semi-Finals on CBS, but the rest of the tournament is a mixture of the BTN, ESPN2, and ESPN.

Who knows where you’ll find a game at though.

The Pac 12 in on lowly distributed Pac 12 Network, and the a Fox Sports 1 channel, that trails ESPN by every just about television metric.

There are times from ACC Fans to criticize and be frustrated with ESPN. During the ACC Men’s basketball tournament is not one of them. The conference is getting by far the best national coverage, and time slots of any of the power 5 conferences.

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