Are North Carolina and Virginia on a collision course for the ACC Title?



The ACC tournament had featured game after game of close tightly contested affairs. Then North Carolina and Virginia got their turns in the ACC tournament and just flattened two quality teams in likely NCAA team Pittsburgh, and likely NIT team Georgia Tech by an average of 18.5 points. North Carolina beat Pittsburgh 88-71, and Virginia beat Georgia Tech 72-52.

These are the type teams that UNC and UVa would face the first weekend of the NCAA tournament, so the Heels and Cavs performance is a good sign that they are March ready.

They both did it with brilliant 2nd half performances.

The Heels shot an outstanding near 59% from the field against Pittsburgh. Virginia held Georgia Tech to 40% shooting and shot 53.8% from the field. The Heels have won 7 or their 9 games with their only losses to Duke and Virginia. The Cavaliers are 12-2 in their last 14 games with the 2 losses to Duke and Miami.

All 4 losses were to top 20 teams. Both teams feature All-American players. UNC has Brice Johnson and Virginia has Malcolm Brogdon.

What does tell me? Well you  need to be really good to beat these teams, and you better be on your A game. Their best right now looks better than anyone else in the ACC, maybe even the country. They have brought their tournament ready games to Washington DC.

Miami is really solid. Duke has beat both, but they have too many issues. For my money these are two best teams in the ACC by a healthy margin.

The look like they are on a collision course for the ACC Title, and probably a #1 seed in the NCAA tournament.

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