College Football attendance has biggest drop in 34 years per @CBSSports

Just a short post for tonight, but did you see this article from CBSSports? College Football attendance has it’s biggest drop in 34 years.

This is bad for the sport as many schools derive a lot of their athletic revenue from their football ticket sales. I think the biggest reason attendance has dropped is not that the sport isn’t popular anymore, but when you can stay at home watch multiple game on your HD Television it’s hard to justify spending 4-8 hours at a college football game.

I think it would help for schools to invest in better wifi services. I know when I attended a game in the past if the game isn’t in doubt, I was ready to leave so I could watch other games. When I’m at a stadium with good data service, I enjoy the environment even more. I have a live game in front of me, but I can keep up with other games, tweet, text and so on.

In the past when data was at a premium, I’d sometimes choose to stay home rather than go a game.

That’s just me. Whatever the case schools need to stay on top of this and continue to be innovative to draw fans back.

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