Virginia Tech Head Coach Buzz Williams had a wonderful gameplan in upset of Virginia.

Virginia Tech was on the NCAA bubble coming into their game tonight against the Virginia Cavaliers. At 17-7 (6-5), but lacking a top 30 win the Hokies needed a signature victory. They got one Saturday night by knocking off #2 ranked Virginia in Charlottsville no less. Gameday was there, and after Villanova went down to St. Johns earlier in the week. Virginia was prepared to take over the #1 ranking. They were going to do it too at the expense of their biggest rival Virginia Tech.

The Hokies said you guys may yet reach #1, but not tonight. How did this happen? Virginia had been the most consistent team in college basketball all season. They were at home, and had plenty of motivation.

Well here’s how it happened… Buzz Williams came up with brilliant coaching moves especially on the defensive end. His gameplan was risky, but when you go on the road against a top 5 team – you better take some chances.

First Virginia Tech extended their defense. I mean really extended it. The Hokies were picking up Virginia ball handlers almost as they crossed mid court. This is a risky move, because if Virginia beats you off the dribble there is lots of wide open space in the half court. The problem for the Hoos is they couldn’t do this consistently do this. Virginia Tech was so aggressive guarding the ball, it forced Virginia to rotate the ball around the perimeter to find an open jump shooter.

Now the other risky part of this is if Virginia gets hot from 3, they could run Virginia Tech out of the gym.

Very true Mr. Zemek. Virginia missed 27 3 point shots tonight!

Williams made another coaching move that was highly praised by Virginia Tech fans.

I guarantee other teams with try this defense against Virginia, but you better be great on the ball defenders and give the kind of effort we saw out the Hokies tonight. Then you better hope the Hoos struggle shooting as much as they did this evening. Tony Bennett is too smart a coach to not make adjustments. I’d expect more ball screens to free up his ball handlers for example in the future. Buzz Williams took a chance and it paid off.

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