Chop’s Takes: ACC Football 2018 Prediction Series


Chop’s Takes: Grand Debut

Miss College Football yet, ACC fans? I certainly do.

Go figure, my Alma Mater goes 7-6, undergoes coaching changes, and I’m already anxious to get the 2018 season underway! But football is more than a one team sport. The ACC, after all, consists of 14 prestigious programs (and non-football member Notre Dame) each with official schedules recently released.

How about we have some fun?

We now know each ACC team’s 2018 Football schedule. We know who returns, and who leaves. We know the coaching make-up for each ACC program. We have 2017 to look back to.

It’s never too soon for early W/L projections!

The twist: as opposed to focusing on FSU, I’ll steer my (certainly) unbiased projections towards the ACC at large (and Notre Dame). FSU will come last in this series.

A new week, a new take, a new program.

It’s on ACC! Welcome to Chop’s Takes!

First Up (next week): Boston College

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