A Baker’s Dozen: Announcers and Media Members We Would Like to See On The SiriusXM ACC Audio Channel

Good evening, Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC) sports fans.  And now Helion Prime’s Life Find’s a Way 😉

And let’s get right to it – recently David Teel of the Newport News Daily Press reported the Sirius XM satellite radio and the ACC’s announcement of a new ACC audio channel.  You can see more on the announcement here.

That got us to thinking – who would you like to see on theSirius XM satellite radio ACC audio channel?  We’ve got a few suggestions below on announcers and media members:

1.)  Danny Kanell (@DannyKanell) – Former Florida State quarterback and ESPN talent, Kannell is now already on SiriusXM Ch 84 1-4pm.  It’s a perfect transition.

2.)  Wes Durham (@WesDurham) – The TV mayor of the ACC.  Wes is the voice of the Atlanta Falcons, some ACC network broadcasts, and Fox Sports South.  West already has a full platter, but we’d love to see him check in from time to time.

3.)  David Teel (@DavidTeelatDP) – If Wes is the TV mayor of the ACC, David Teel is the print media mayor of the ACC.  No one in the print media has more knowledge – he’s a legend.

4.) Anish Shroff (@AnishESPN) – We don’t want Syracuse graduate, Anish Shroff, to leave ESPN – don’t get us wrong.  But any occasional visit to the Sirius XM Channel would be awesome.

5.)  Norm Wood (@NormWood) – The consummate Daily Press beat reporter for Virginia Tech and Virginia – he has the pulse on Virginia Tech and Virginia athletics.

6.) Bill Roth (@BillRoth_) – Bill Roth was the voice of the Virginia Tech Hokies, UCLA Bruins, 1988-2016 (we miss him on the radio full-time for Hokie country).   Roth is also leading the charge for new sports media and analytics at Virginia Tech.  Presumably, the Sirius XM ACC Channel will also have some ACC games on the channel – and Bill should be the lead broadcaster.

7.)  Ben Swain (@TheBenSwain) and Hayes Permar (@HayesPermar) – Both Ben and Hayes provide the funniest takes on the ACC that you’ll ever find on Twitter – and would perfect for a radio show.  See more of their content at @SportsChannel8.

8.)  Matt Zemek @MattZemek) – We are bias – we know Matt very well.  He’s been a guest on the @AllSportsDACC podcast many times.  He has terrific knowledge of ACC and national college football.

9) Joe Ovies (@JoeOvies) – Joe Ovies has the pulse on all ACC sports in the NC Triangle (he has been on our podcast, as well).  He is a radio personality over at @999TheFan  and a writer for WRALSportsFan.

10.) Lauren Brownlow (@LEBrownLow) – Lauren, who has also been on our podcast, is a radio personality for @999TheFan and a writer for @WRALSportsFan.

11.) Mark Ennis (@MarkEnnis) – It’s been fun for us to see Mark Ennis’ career grow from Twitter user, to Louisville sports radio moonlighter, to someone who has a full-time show Louisville radio show.  Host of The Drive on @939TheVille Monday Through Friday from 3:00 PM -6:00 PM. He is also a contributor @GridIronNow for all things Louisville sports.

12.) Ethan Moore (@_EthanMoore) – Ethan is part of the team that runs @LvilleSprtsLive every Wednesday at 6 PM on @939TheVille.  He also host shows after football and men’s basketball games.

13.) The ACC podcast hours – Yes, we are just plugging our site here – but it would be awesome to have an ACC podcast hour on Sirius XM.  Because you know it would be fun to have @HokieSmash_ASD and @TalkinACCsports review the week that was in ACC football and men’s basketball.  We will also throw @RedWhitePodcast and @ACCNation in there.

Are there any others that you’d recommend?  Tweet us and we’ll do a tweetcap post with other recommendations. 

Thanks for reading.

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