ACC fans won’t have to suffer with Blackout problems of their favorite teams much longer.

Today a good friend of the blog @KilroyFSU, wanted to watched his Florida State Seminoles play the Louisville Cardinals in men’s basketball. He was in Jacksonville, Florida. 

It’s shame for our buddy, the hotel have doesn’t local channel he wants to watch his team. It’s happened to just about every ACC fan at some point trying to follow their favorite team. Shouldn’t @KilroyFSU at least be able to load up the ole WatchESPN app, and watch his Noles play? He or somebody he knows is paying for that service. 

Well just great… A Florida State fan, in the state of Florida, can’t watch a Florida State men’s basketball being played in Tallahassee, Florida either on television or the internet with services that are paid for.

This is basically ridiculous. There are local television syndication rights, and such. We know it happens. If somebody wants to try research possible options on how to find a streaming version somewhere on the internet, I’m guessing it’s out there, but we just want to sit down and watch the game. It’s not on TV, let me try the trusty internet app and if not there – OK this is becoming really inconvenient.

Let me ask you this, have you ever have a problem finding a Big 10 or SEC game you are looking for? I’m not often looking for those games, but tonight Rutgers had a top 5 Michigan State team on ropes, and BOOM I turned on the Big 10 Network. I pay for it, and there we go.

Aside from the revenue, the greatest benefit of the ACC Network, will be all that when it launches you won’t run into these local blackouts. If you pay for the service, you’ll get the game either by television or internet. Everything will somehow come under the umbrella of ESPN.

It’s taken too long to get to this point. That is clear.

We are just over 18 months from launch though, and then finally the kind of blackout non-sense that ACC fans have been dealing with for years will finally come to an end.

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