The nightmare week for Georgia Tech fans : Roll Tide!

I don’t live in the state of Georgia currently, but I feel for my fellow Georgia Tech fans there. I’ve live in Georgia, and during normal times, it’s practically unbearable how much coverage the Bulldogs get in the state. They get many of the best HS players, sidewalk fans come out of no where. Even in years Georgia Tech beats them, it’s hard to stomach. This year it couldn’t be worse with Georgia playing Alabama for the national title. I’m a big Clemson too, but I can’t draw the same hate for South Carolina as Georgia. One – South Carolina is basically irrelevant – and an afterthought of a program and two – I’ve hated Georgia longer, and the hate runs deeper.

I don’t like Alabama or Nick Saban, and would normally root against them 99.9% of them, but as they say the enemy of my enemy is my friend. Check out what many Georgia Tech fans are feeling.

My first at year Georgia Tech I was set straight. Georgia beat somebody – I don’t even remember who, and I didn’t hate Georgia yet. I said kool Georgia won and a classmate told me you can’t root for Georgia under an circumstances. Georgia Tech fans never root Georgia ever…. He was right. #THWG,

For probably the only time ever, I’ll be rooting for Alabama like I was born in Tuscaloosa, and am the great grandson of Paul Bear Bryant. Roll Tide!

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