Let Central Florida have their National Championship fun.

Central Florida just completed the greatest season in their football program’s history. They went 13-0 after beating Auburn 34-27 in the Chick-fil-A bowl, who by the way defeated both teams Alabama\Georgia who are playing the national title game. The Golden Knights are the only undefeated untied  team in FBS football.

Does Central Florida have an argument to be the national champion? Everybody including themselves knows they don’t. Right or wrong they were left out of the playoffs, and that’s how we determine the national champion.

Central Florida is having some fun with this…

They are giving their coaches championship bonuses too. Why is Central Florida get push back in some circles? So what they are having fun with it. They had a great season. It isn’t like other programs don’t claim questionable national titles. There are several sort of claimed national title by a bunch of schools. 

I say let them enjoy it. It does something else important too. It at least raises awareness to the exclusive nature of the playoffs.

The power 5 and the playoff committee are going to ensure that no one is crashing their party. Here’s my concern it’s only going to get worse. It’s getting more and more exclusive even at the power 5 level.

You think you’ll ever see Colorado and Georgia Tech win a national title like in 1990 or BYU like in 1984?

At the current rate in 25 years we’ll see a playoff pool of 15 schools. It’s already that basically, under the umbrella of the Power 5.

That’s why I’ll always favor the 8 team format of 5 Power 5 Champs + 2 Wildcard teams + 1 Group of Five team. I’m even ok if you qualify the Power 5 conference champ must be a top 10 team. If they aren’t it reverts to a wildcard team. If you’re not going to do that then don’t expand, but we’ll always wonder what a Group of 5 school could against a big boy school, but the current playoff system will never let us know.

Knowing that Central Florida, you do you and have your parade.

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  1. Hokie Mark says:

    Here’s my problem with the CFP: Alabama having one fewer loss trumped Ohio State’s superior SoS… so why doesn’t UCF having one fewer than Bama count for anything?

    Honestly, I’m of the opinion that SoS should trump losses (or more accurately, that the CFP should ONLY count quality wins and ignore losses altogether) – the teams with the most quality wins should get into the playoffs, PERIOD. Reward playing a tough SoS. Reward playing on the road. Give me the “most deserving” over the “best” (by some subjective standard!) every time.

  2. Jfann says:

    I agree quality wins and SOS should be rewarded more than the committee does.

    I schedule down every year if I’m a power 5 AD these days.

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