Was this past season a success for NC State?

When you look at this past football season, how can you even think that a 9 win season, especially since there have only been 9 previous 9 win seasons in NC State history would be any but a success? But they way the season unfolded, you can see how disappointment of what could have been creeps into a fans mind. When you see wins versus Louisville AND Florida State, you say success. Then you see losses against Wake Forest (which looking back on it, that isn’t such a terrible loss) and South Carolina.

The season overall was undoubtedly a success. However, there was a lot more on the table for this NC State team. The Wolfpack was within one possession of Clemson, they had totally dominated South Carolina and had it not been for some interesting personnel choices in the last few seconds (meaning NOT using CJ Riley who is 6’5″ inside the 10 yard line with less then 30 seconds left), and the crazy play of Emeka Emezie’s fumble at the literal 6″ line in Winston-Salem this team could have had a historic season. The Clemson game aside, and NC State was driving when some mental mistakes were made on the last drive, NC State could have easily had 10 regular season wins.

Then you look at the recruiting successes that Dave Doeren has had. 2017 was a home run in terms of getting kids to buy in and want to come to NC State. Doeren has gotten 3 out of the top 5 players to commit to NC State. They also got Devin Leary, an Elite 11 QB out of New Jersey. Doeren has got a Top 25 recruiting class. This doesn’t happen to often, and it is yet another win for the Wolfpack.

It can be argued that the 2017 football season didn’t meet the expectations on the field. I would disagree, but there is an argument that can be made. But when you look at the Sun Bowl win, 6 conference wins, and a Top 25 recruiting class, there is no way that anyone can argue that the ENTIRE 2017 football season has been anything but a resounding success…..

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  1. Hokie Mark says:

    Basically, NC State = S. Carolina, at least right now.
    That may not be particularly satisfying, but it’s not bad either.

    1. Jfann says:

      You can’t argue with a 9 win season at either school. That’s only a couple of wins from their ceiling.

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