Wake Forest seizes opportunity for special season with bowl win over Texas A&M.

At one point in the season Wake Forest was 7-4, with 2 games left in the season. If the Deacs could have a 8 or 9 win season, it would open eyes around the country. 7-6 year? Wake Forest has been there and done that. If you ask head coach Dave Clawson, he was looking for more this year, and it was right there for the taking, and I’m sure he is elated that Wake Forest pulled off it’s one the greatest victories in recent memory to achieve that goal.

There was a 31-23 loss to Duke at home, and then with a 17 point lead over Texas A&M in the first half, Wake Forest couldn’t hold on. Following a turnover by Texas A&M, Wake Forest was marching towards the redzone when an fumble by the Deacs, killed what appeared to be the last of the Wake Forest momentum.

This team is resilient though. Wake Forest’s senior class started out with two 3-9 (1-7 ACC seasons). In this new era ACC of national titles, and Heisman winners how was Wake Forest going to be able to field a competitive team much less one that could win 8 games in season. In a 2017 schedule that featured Clemson, Louisville, Florida State, Texas A&M, and 9 win NC State team, the Demon Deacons found a way to go 8-5.

From where Wake Forest was just 3 years ago to what accomplished with Friday’s bowl win is frankly astonishing.

Texas A&M’s athletic department made a whopping $194 Million  during the 2015-2016 academic year. Wake Forest has one of the smallest enrollments among power 5 schools. Belk Bowl – Wake Forest 55 Texas A&M 52

Senior John Wolford played a heroic game, throwing for 400 yards and 4 TDs. He played banged up in the 2nd half as he was noticeably limping several times.

That embodied the no quit, resilient mindset that surrounds the Wake Forest program now. I didn’t think they could get this far after the back to back 3-9 years, and 7 consecutive losing seasons, but Dave Clawson and Wake Forest pulled it off.

The rest of the country is just now finding out what followers of the ACC already knew, Dave Clawson is one heckuva coach.

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