After Bowl loss, Will Steve Addazio ever break the 7 win barrier at Boston College?

Boston College is not an easy place to coach football. They are in division with Clemson, Florida State and Louisville. That’s 2 national championship teams and 2 Heisman winners in the last 4 years. NC State and Wake Forest are solid, and on a given day Syracuse is capable of beating anyone they play. Just ask Clemson in 2017 and Virginia Tech in 2016.

Upward mobility in the ACC Atlantic is tough. Boston College has managed to be a competitive team. Under Steve Addazio the Eagles have been decent. BC has made a bowl game 4 out of his 5 years. Only once have they won fewer than 7 games. Today was a tremendous opportunity for Boston College to break the 7 win barrier. At mid-field with under 5 minutes to play and tied at 20 with Iowa, Boston College inexplicably went away from their star RB AJ Dillon, and their short passing game on 2nd and 3rd down. When they only needed to play field position, they got unnecessarily greedy.

QB Darius Wade ended up getting sacked and turning over the ball. The rest is history. Iowa marched down the field for the winning TD, and again Steve Addazio failed to win 8 games or more. Boston College hasn’t won 8+ games since 2009. This was a big moment for BC, and they let it slip away.

Boston College is in a tricky position. I’m certainly not saying Addazio should be let go. They did win 5 of their last 6 games with wins over Florida State and Louisville, but I do think there is a timeline on Addazio. Addazio has been at BC 5 years. At some point you have to try and get past 7 wins. To me Addazio has done enough for at least 2 more years to try and have that special year.

AJ Dillon is a freshman RB destined to be great. You are better now than at the end of the Frank Spaziani era. Addazio has done a pretty good job. I think we can agree on that. It was a nice season at Boston College, but it could have been something more with a bowl win Wednesday.

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