What will Disney do with their new Fox Regional Sports Channels?

Interesting stuff from Disney\ESPN…

Now that Disney now owns all of the FOX Regional Sports Networks, what will Disney\ESPN do with their new acquisitions?

This piece from Yahoo Finance tries to answer that question.

For those that were concerned about the ACC Network in the cord cutting era…

Disney paying for these TV assets is a sign that Disney CEO Bob Iger is doubling down on live sports television, rather than back away from it, as some analysts have suggested or predicted Disney might.

Imagine regional versions of SportsCenter, like a SportsCenter Tennessee that airs on the ESPN Tennessee channel, covering only news about the Titans, Grizzlies, Predators, Volunteers, and Commodores. And vice-versa: Disney can pull some of the local content from RSNs into national ESPN broadcasts.

In other words: this is a bet on local, live sports television, but it can also build the reach of ESPN.

If you want to watch sports, your simply going to have to go through and ESPN channel to get. I’m expect huge bundles of ESPN channels. I think we are seeing the Disney\ESPN strategy to reduce the losses to their subscriber base.

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