Lamar Jackson didn’t win the 2017 Heisman, but Louisville fans should still be very proud.

Oklahoma’s Baker Mayfield won the 2017 Heisman. He was a great choice. I’m not arguing that. Louisville’s Lamar Jackson was the 2016 winner and a finalist this year. Sometimes in losing you find out even more about more about an athlete. Louisville are and should still be very proud of Lamar Jackson.

It’s been a rough year for Louisville athletics, but Lamar Jackson has been a constant. Here was the 2016 Heisman winner, who made himself into an even better player in 2017. He completed a higher percentage of passes – 2016 : 56.2% to 2017 : 60.4%. He threw fewer interceptions and had a higher quarterback rating. Jackson even increased his average yards per rush by nearly a full yard.

Louisville’s 5-4 start effectively took Jackson out of the Heisman chase. Fair or not that’s what happens to players in the Heisman chase especially when the losses mount earlier in the season. We know his stats were better than last year, but some of things he did off the field were as impressive if not more so than what happened on the field. This is what I wrote on twitter earlier today.

Jackson spent a solid minute defending his maligned defense. Here’s more…

In a week filled with Heisman responsibilities, he took the time to visit an elementary school.

This from one of the most respected people covering college football.

I don’t know Jackson will return for his senior year, but if he doesn’t he leaves a tremendous legacy at Louisville. I have a feeling Mississippi State is going to be in for a long day against Louisville in their bowl game, as I’m expecting another big game from Lamar Jackson.

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