Dave Doeren RETURNS!!!!

Well the last 24 hours in Raleigh have been a roller coaster to say the least. Tennessee came after Dave Doeren for it’s head coach opening. This caused a lot of unrest with the NC State fan base. The problems were somewhat of NC State’s own making. There were some issues with the contract negotiation that Doeren and Dr. Debbie Yow were engaged in. It seems as though hardball was being played on both sides. Doeren wanting a raise as well as an increase in the assistant coaching pay. Dr. Yow basically calling Doeren’s bluff…. Then Tennessee came a calling. When that happened things here went from hardball to uh-oh…. In the end Doeren decided to take the pay raise (it is being reported that Doeren will make $3 million a year with an increase in the assistant coaching pay pool of 750K. We won’t know until tomorrow when there is a Board of Trustees Conference Call to approve the extension).

What does all this mean? It means that he will be safer when the new AD is hired and so is his staff. It means, he likes it here in Raleigh, he likes his kids. Doeren likes Raleigh and wants to stick it out for another recruiting class. He likes what he has built and sees an opening in the Atlantic.

With the saga going on at Florida State, with Jimbo Fisher and if he’s going to be there or not. Florida State has had downturns in its past and if Jimbo does leave, and Florida State strikes out with it’s next coach, they might be down for a few years. Louisville is losing Lamar Jackson (reportedly even though he has another year of eligibility) and who knows where they go after that. Bobby Petrino struck gold with Jackson, but doesn’t seem to have put much around him. And with Tom Jurich gone, so is Petrino’s security blanket.

NC State is bringing in a lot of talent with this recruiting class. They have 2 recruits playing in the Army All-American game. With Peyton Wilson de-committing from University of North Carolina and reportedly considering 2 teams, Notre Dame and NC State. You’re seeing the improvement in the talent that is coming to Raleigh and the wins will follow.

There is a lot of hope here in Raleigh with this NC Staet football program. Dave Doeren signed an extension and will be here to get his shot at taking this program to the next step. I believe he can, now he has to prove it…..

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