With 2nd to Last College Playoff rankings out, who can still get into the playoffs?

The 2nd to last college playoff rankings are out, and I think it’s clear where the committee stands on which teams can get in and which can’t.

#1 Clemson vs #7 Miami – ACC Championship 

The winner of the ACC Championship is in… period. Miami is out with a loss. Clemson is probably out with a loss too.

#2 Auburn vs #6 Georgia – SEC Championship

The winner of the ACC Championship is in… period. Auburn and Georgia are out with losses.

#4 Wisconsin vs #8 Ohio State – Big 10 Championship

Wisconsin is with a win. Ohio State wins? We’ll discuss in a moment.

#3 Oklahoma vs #11 TCU – Big 12 Championship

Oklahoma is with a win. TCU wins? Going from 11 to 4? I don’t see it. That’s a lot of teams to jump.

#5 Alabama

Here’s where it gets interesting. If #1-#4 win out Alabama is shut out.

With the ACC and SEC Champions in, that’s leaves the scenario where Ohio State and TCU win.

TCU is too far out even with a win. I believe Alabama gets in then. If Ohio State wins and Oklahoma wins, then the debate is Ohio State and Alabama. In this case due to Alabama’s poor resume, the Buckeyes will leap frog their way in.

Clemson is the only team that might still have a shot of getting in with a loss. If they lose, and TCU beats Oklahoma, then does Clemson hold off Alabama? I doubt it. It’s seems to be the committee’s tendency to drop a losing team at least 4 or 5 places. Had Miami not lost to Pittsburgh and it would be 1-2 matchup, the chances of a 2nd ACC team would have been higher.

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