FSU Opponent Preview: University of Florida


FSU Offense lined-up vs UF Defense in Tallahassee, FL

4-6 and fighting for bowl eligibility. This is the depths of depravity that the once dominant Florida State Seminoles have sunk to.

In a forth-coming article, I’m hoping to explore the hows, whys and what-ifs of this FSU team, the program’s direction, and perhaps even a preview of next season should chips play over the next two-ish weeks.

For now, I must submit to our readers an opponent preview that is an annual staple: the hated Florida Gators.

University of FloridaRecord (4-6) (3-5 SEC)

Strengths: Felipe Franks (QB), Secondary

Weaknesses: Run Defense, Everyone else on Offense

Observations: Boy, how both programs have sunk. If there is a team in the state of Florida that is perhaps in worse shape than FSU, it’s UF. Firing Jim McElwain mid-season after faking death threats (this really happened) didn’t help the morale of this program, as Florida turned a promising 3-0 start in Conference play to a 5 game losing streak. Randy Shannon has taken control* of Head Coaching at UF as Interim, however with a splintered locker room (9 suspensions don’t help) and the whispers of a new Head Coach looming (looking at you Chip Kelly), the University of Florida is looking for a swift resolution to their season, with eyes towards the future. While this Coaching gig isn’t any guarantee (ahem, UCLA), what’s important to note is the following: behind the scenes distractions will impact this game.

Yes, FSU is in the midst of their own rumor mill this season. Did you know that Jimbo to Texas A&M is a legitimate take? What about this: should Auburn lose the Iron Bowl, Gus Malzahn to Arkansas & Jimbo to Auburn is in contention! Now, insiders at Florida State don’t buy Jimbo leaving quite yet, however the speculation here is critical. There are definitely going to be coaching changes at Florida State this off-season, with as many as 6(!) rumored at this time. Deondre Francois has shown his true colors over the past weekend, opting to take a trip to Orlando instead of being on the sideline with his team ON SENIOR DAY! Needless to say, there are locker room issues brewing, with coaches already half-way out the door (including perhaps Jimbo), the only thing FSU is playing for is their FBS longest active bowl streak.

I firmly believe that FSU is (AGAIN) the more talented team, and is more talented than any team they have faced on their schedule save for Alabama and maybe Clemson. FSU should win this game easy. If FSU plays to the rivalry expectations & to their talent level, FSU can run away from this one. I’m not sure if you’ve heard, Cam Akers is the real deal & can carry this offense. Limiting situational plays for Blackman will be key.

In fact, despite both programs winning against inferior opponents last week, FSU looked like the more promising team moving into this week.

I believe that, despite FSU having to play for more this week (the pressure is on them to win), and playing in Gainesville, that FSU is in an overall better place than UF at this time.

Final Prediction: I think FSU pulls away in the second half, with a final score of FSU 26 – UF 16

FSU, at least for this week, keep their Bowl hopes alive. A storm is brewing in Tallahassee, and I’m anxious to brave the high winds this off-season.

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