Add another one, Virginia Tech has owned Virginia football since 2003.

Virginia Tech has now won 14 straight games against Virginia. The streak has reached an absurd level. We’re talking the ACC’s version of Kentucky and Florida. No matter how the Hoos are playing, no matter who lines up or where they play – Virginia Tech is going to beat Virginia at football.

The won again Friday with a 10-0 victory that felt like 24-0.

Virginia has had some good moments this year. They won at Boise State and they got bowl eligible, but when they see those Hokies it’s more of the same. They just can’t beat the Hokies.

At some point just dumb luck would result in a Virginia win, but it hasn’t happened yet. Will it ever happen again? Eventually Virginia will beat Virginia Tech, but who knows when. Kentucky’s losing streak to Florida is still going and it’s reached 31 games. Several streaks have reached 20+ straight wins  in their history.

Right now, Virginia hopes to beat Virginia Tech but they don’t believe it. Bronco Mendenhall is changing the losing culture at Virginia, but this will be one of his biggest hurdles to clear.

He has to find a way to beat the tandem of Justin Fuente and Bud Foster. In a year with a new starting QB, Fuente coaxed a slightly un-even but ultimately successful 9-3 regular season at Virginia Tech. The Hokies were an injured bunch especially late in the year, but they could win 10 games this year.

Fuente has continued the domination of the Virginia, and now he’s put together at least back to back 9+ wins season and maybe back to back 10 win seasons Before I write the final synopsis on the Hokies season we’ll wait for the bowl result, but it sure does feel like Fuente has the Hokies on the cusp of a truly special maybe playoff run season in the next 2 or 3 years.

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