Where does Miami’s win over Notre Dame rank in the ACC’s best OOC wins of the decade so far?

One of my favorite series of articles that I wrote this year is the ACC’s best 25 OOC wins since the start of this decade.   It’s the decade where ACC football became one of the premier football conferences in the country.

This past weekend Miami knocked off #3 ranked Notre Dame. It was an outstanding OOC win for the Hurricanes that could set the foundation for Miami’s return to national prominence – ala Clemson’s 2012 Chick-Fil-A bowl victory over LSU. That game ranks #4 on our list. Florida State and Clemson beat top 10 ranked Notre Dame teams in 2014 and 2015 that setup playoff runs for the Noles and Tigers. I ranked those games #12 and #13.

Down at #22 was the first time in the decade we thought Miami was set to the turn the corner. Miami beat a #16 ranked Ohio State. Certainly this win will rank higher than that one, as the Buckeyes collapsed down the stretch in 2011.

I think we are looking at this win being ranked somewhere between #4 and #13. Where the game eventually ends up will depend on how Notre Dame finished the season, but we can be sure this win will rank as one of the ACC’s 15 best wins so far this decade.

Watch out for the Clemson win over Auburn too. Should Auburn win the SEC and make the playoffs, that’s going to be a top 20 win as well.

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