Georgia Tech may have salvaged season with upset of Virginia Tech.

Georgia Tech’s Taquon Marshall had just thrown a pick 6. Virginia Tech took a 22-21 lead, and for the 4th time this year, the Yellow Jackets had lost a double digit 2nd half lead. I’ll be the first admit, the Georgia Tech fan in me said here we go again. I think most Georgia Tech fans felt the same. Again Georgia Tech looked like a top 25 team for 3 quarters only to start an inevitable collapse to a loss.

No one will remember  how close you could have been to a great season when you sit 4-5 and miss bowl. Georgia Tech was on the verge of a lost season. Then some weird things started happening. Taquon Marshall hits Rickey Juene for an 80 TD. Virginia Tech gets the ball back and converts two 4th downs, and then on 4th and 1, the Hokies inexplicably throw into the end zone rather than take their chances with their mobile QB Josh Jackson. The Jackets got an assist from some odd Virginia Tech play-calling, but they got the win.

It’s a win that may have salvaged the season. Georgia Tech still will look back on 2017 as a season of what could have been, but now there is a chance to end the season strongly, and reach a bowl game.

We saw how Miami took advantage of some fortunate wins earlier in the year to turn into playoff contender. I’m not saying Georgia Tech will run the table, but a win like this will do wonders for their confidence. Next week is a game at reeling Duke, and then a now mortal looking Georgia team.

Whatever you may think about Paul Johnson, I’ve never seen a team of his quit on a season. Even during their injury riddled 3-9 year of 2015, I didn’t think that happened. They just weren’t very good that year.

It took 9 games, but Georgia Tech finally had some 4th quarter luck go their way, and now they can focus on a good finish to the season rather than a disastrous 4-8 type year that could have occurred had the Jackets found a way to lose another close game.

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