After destroying Notre Dame, Miami proves they are a playoff caliber team.

3 weeks ago, Miami was a 7-0 fraud. Most people thought it, or at the very least said it was only a matter of time before they got exposed. Last week Miami took care of Virginia Tech 28-10 and some eyes were opened. Maybe this Hurricane team was pretty good, but surely when Notre Dame comes to Miami this little run will come to an end.

Not only did the run not come to an end, but Miami proved they are a playoff caliber team. It was a complete beat down of the Irish to the tune of a 41-8 final. It couldn’t have been a more impressive looking win. Miami looked faster, stronger, and just plain far better than Notre Dame.

Make no mistake the Irish weren’t overrated at #3 coming into the game. They blew out Michigan State, they crushed USC, and blew out NC State. Those are all pretty good teams. The Irish also nearly knocked off a solid Georgia team, but Saturday night they were no match for Miami.

I made this tweet early in the Miami Notre Dame game.

The Canes don’t have Oklahoma’s offense, or play defense like Clemson and Alabama, but you’d be hard pressed to find a major flaw in Miami like the Sooner defense, or Clemson and Alabama’s passing attack.

Miami plays solid defense, and they can run the ball. Malik Rosier can make plays in the passing game. Mark Richt has had a rebirth as a head coach.

What’s not to like about Miami now? They will surely be ranked in the top 4 come Tuesday. The Canes have earned their spot there. Forget about what you saw from Miami the first 2 months of the season except for the wins. Now Miami can think big, and I mean really big.

They won’t be overlooked any longer, and now have to manage brand new playoff expectations. Virginia is a scrappy team, that comes to Miami next week and then the Canes go on the road to face a struggling Pittsburgh team, but I’m not expecting any letdown from Miami before the ACCCG.

The Hurricanes have grown into one of the country’s best teams.

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