A Few Random Thoughts on Virginia Tech’s Performance vs. Miami


Greetings, Hokies.  If you are similar to me, you’re probably looking back on Virginia Tech’s performance vs. Miami thinking what could the Hokies have done better.  Here’s a few random thoughts:

  • Miami isn’t a bad football team.  While the Hurricanes are not an elite team, they are much better under Mark Richt than they have been under Al Golden or Randy ShannonMiami had their ass handed to them in Blacksburg last year – got embarrassed on national television (I was in Blacksburg for this game).  You know they remember that and wanted revenge.  After 14 years, Miami will likely win the Coastal Division – congratulations to the Hurricanes on an accomplishment that was 14 years in the making.
  • Virginia Tech’s offensive play calling was very conservative for almost two quarters – and then the offense was opened up more in the 2nd half.  My uncle and I have talked about this on many occasions – but the slow offensive starts were eventually going to haunt the Hokies.  Tonight was one of those nights.
  • Did the Hokies leave six points or more off the board?  Perhaps – but Justin Fuente is one who will be aggressive on 4th down – that’s him – and that’s why we love him.
  • Virginia Tech has a young team – you see that by some of the throws that Josh Jackson has that sail over the wide receivers.  Those type of errant throws are going to happen with a young redshirt freshman quarterback, who also had two interceptions (I have some major patience for Josh because he’s going to be a good one).  A redshirt freshman is eventually going to look like a freshman.  That’s life.
  • Similar to our redshirt freshman quarterback, our young wide receivers some drops at the wrong times.  Lots of youth on the field.
  • While there were some questionable defensive pass interference calls, the Hokies have a small margin for error to win – and four turnovers will roast that margin to death.  Yes, Miami had three turnovers – but the Hokie aren’t quite good enough a team to recover from these sorts of mistakes (and not many teams are).
  • The tackling tonight from the Hokies, well, could improve – it wasn’t good form – and I’m sure the players will hear a lot about this in the film room.

On to Georgia Tech!!!

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