Miami quiets critics with big win over Virginia Tech.

If you are a Miami fan that had to feel good. You know it did… Miami 28 Virginia Tech 10, and it wasn’t that close to be honest. Deservedly Miami’s resume had been questioned even with a 7-0 record. They had last second wins over mediocre Florida State and Georgia Tech teams. They struggled late into the 4th quarter with a bad North Carolina team.

Nothing feels better as a fan than to shut critics up, and that’s what Miami did Saturday as they trounced a quality Virginia Tech team.

Playing inspired defensive football they held Virginia Tech to under 300 total yards. Malik Rosier threw 3 interceptions and still won going away.

If you listen to the SportsKrib podcast I went on this week, I said Miami was going to play their most complete game of the year. I said it was coming, as their players were going to use the disrespect card to play with a chip on their shoulder. That’s exactly what happened.

The Hurricanes played with an edge tonight, and their home crowd was loud and it looked like a great football environment.

Miami played like a team that knew it was fortunate to be 7-0, but took full advantage tonight to make a statement. I think Miami can play even better too. As I said Rosier uncharacteristically threw 3 interceptions tonight. He played OK, but it was not his best game. This is a solid defensive team as well, and that gives Miami a chance against almost anyone they play.

The Hurricanes, I think still aren’t quite in the class of the country’s very best teams, but if they beat Notre Dame next week then you can’t deny the Hurricanes are a bona-fide playoff caliber team. Gameday will be there, in primetime, and the biggest Miami home game in over a decade.

Miami quieted their critics that they were a good team, next week they can answer if they are a playoff worthy team.

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