FSU Opponent Preview: Syracuse

FSU vs Syracuse

It amazes me that I even have to type this: FSU is 2-5 in November.


It’s been very difficult to bring myself to write opponent previews at this point, as I have little faith in my alma mater. What’s happening at FSU transcends just being a bad team: FSU has a culture problem, and nothing but an outright cleansing of all the rot that’s infested it will work to resolve the issue.

I digress: Syracuse

W/L Record: 4-4

Opponent Strengths: QB Eric Dungey, WR Steve Ishmael
Opponent Weaknesses: Run game, Defensive depth

Observations: Everyone knows my thoughts at this point regarding FSU. They have more talent than every team they face, and if FSU decides to show up to this game, you can expect an easy win. The challenge: FSU needs to show up to the game.

2-5 indicates that they might very well decide to not show up at all this season. The team has given up on the coaches, and the coaches have turned to in-fighting. Jimbo’s solution, in my opinion, is to sit the players that quit and let the young talent play. Trim the offense, keep it simple. The talent alone should do plenty. Unfortunately, Jimbo is a stubborn man. But he may decide to do what’s necessary to just become bowl eligible.

Either way, my outlook on the team isn’t favorable, and I know what Syracuse is capable of after dethroning a down Clemson.

Until proven otherwise:

Syracuse 31 FSU 17

FSU loses this game, they won’t be bowl eligible. If they win, expect FSU athletics to announce a re-scheduled game vs Louisiana Monroe for a shot at heading bowling.

As can be seen above: I just can’t imagine it at this point.

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