Miami struggles to beat UNC, but doesn’t have to apologize for being 7-0.

24-20, 25-24, 27-19, and 24-19. These are the winning scores of the Miami Hurricanes the last 4 games. They could have lost any of them, but they didn’t. Saturday they struggled to beat the ACC’s worst team North Carolina 24-19, but guess what they are 7-0 and they don’t have to apologize for their record.

Malik Rosier had 22 in-complete passes. The Hurricanes only had 59 yards rushing, and the defense gave up over 400 yards of offense to UNC and their 3rd string QB. Here’s the thing though – Miami is making winning plays in the 4th quarter. They own the nation’s longest winning streak at 12 games. We’ve said it before – Mark Richt is teaching this program how to win again. The culture is shifting. This is different from Al Golden’s 7-0 2013 start.

Even at that time Al Goldens’ coaching ability was in question, and it seemed only a matter of time before Miami went in another direction despite the 2013 start.

Richt has his team believing  they are going to win games even without their best effort. Even the biggest Miami fan will be probably tell you though they aren’t in the class of Alabama, Clemson, Georgia, or Notre Dame, but because Miami has gotten to 7-0, they have their shot over the next few weeks prove their playoff worthiness.

They get Virginia Tech and Notre Dame at home in the next two weeks. It’s potentially the 2 biggest weeks in Miami football in over 10 years. If Miami wins both of those, you cannot deny their playoff resume. Then if they get to the ACC Championship and face NC State or more likely Clemson and win – that’s a playoff team.

If Miami is a fraud they’ll be exposed the next two weeks, but if they aren’t they have their chance to prove it. Making it all possible was the 7-0 start with some close wins, but wins nonetheless.

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