After win against Georgia Tech, with a healthy Kelly Bryant Clemson is a playoff caliber team

Before the Clemson\Georgia Tech game Saturday Night, I tweeted this out.

I got the final score wrong, but with a healthy Kelly Bryant Clemson won 24-10 with the 14 point spread I predicted. I take nothing away from Syracuse’s win over Clemson 2 weeks ago. The Orange were better that night, and better prepared. They may have still beat Clemson even if Kelly Bryant was healthy that evening. What I do know is overall Clemson is a better more dangerous team with Bryant playing than anyone else that can play quarterback for them at this time.

His ability to make plays with his feet is his strength. Kelly Bryant will never be Dehsaun Watson as a passer. He is at best when he has his full mobility.  He was Clemson’s leading rusher against Georgia Tech as the Tigers kept Georgia Tech at arm’s length the entire night.

He was also a solid 22/33 in the air for 207 2 TD and zero turnovers. Bryant doesn’t have to be great, but he’s good enough to keep opposing defense honest. That’s all the Tigers need too, because the Tiger defense will do the rest. They held the powerful Georgia Tech rushing attack to under 200 yards on the ground.

The Tigers still feature the best front 4 in the country on defense, and have an elite overall defensive group. Clemson doesn’t need a prolific offense to make the playoffs, but they do need Kelly Bryant at or near 100%. Saturday was very encouraging that Bryant was returning to form. That’s bad news for the rest of the ACC.

The Tigers head to tricky NC State next week. If the Tigers get by the Wolfpack they are most likely headed back to Charlotte to play for the ACC Title, and a possible playoff berth.

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