Jimbo Fisher has big-time coaching staff issues after Florida State’s loss to Louisville.

In 2013 Florida State won the national title. In 2014 they were in the playoffs. Those were the Jameis Winston teams though. Since that time the Nole’s program has gradually slipped. 22-10 in their last 32 games is good for most schools. That’s not good when you are Florida State. For the last several years, it was Clemson, Ohio State, Florida State and Alabama as College Football’s big 4.

Florida State is not on that list at the moment any longer. It looked like Florida State had slowed the fall by winning 7 of their last 8 games in 2016. They entered 2017 as a top 5 team, but their starting QB Deondre Francois was knocked out for the season in their opening game.

After FSU’s latest loss, this time at home to a somewhat struggling Louisville team the Noles sit 2-4 and in real danger of missing a bowl game. They still have to play at Clemson and at Florida. Games with BC and Syracuse are no gimmies. This team is in big trouble.

Even with Francois out, the Noles shouldn’t be this bad, because right now this is a talented, but a mediocre football team.

Only a complete breakdown from Fisher on down could have led to this. Ultimately the responsibility lies with Fisher for the fall of the Noles. He has a fairly recent national title, and a great record against rivals Miami and Florida. He’s safe, but several of assistants are not. DC Charles Kelly comes to mind. There’s plenty of talent on that defense, but late game defensive collapses have been one of the main story-lines of the season.

I expect there will be a number of staff changes in the off-season to try and get the Noles program back on track. I never would have imagined 4 years after a national title, FSU would be a middle to lower tier ACC team, but that’s who they are right now.

FSU recruits well enough, that they don’t need a complete program overhaul but Fisher needs to re-evaluate his staff, because I can’t believe it’s a talent problem for the ACC’s most disappointing team.

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