Dave Doeren Proves that you have to trust the process

Well, here we are, another week and another Wolfpack win.NC State is coming off of a win on the road, which is always tough. Doeren is proving this year that he had a process and that the fan base needed to trust that process.

When Doeren came to Raleigh 5 years ago, the talent on the roster was at best questionable. In that first season, after a loss at Boston College, Doeren basically called out the players on the roster. He basically said, he didn’t have the talent on any side of the ball to compete in the ACC.

When you look back on that season, Doeren was right, the talent wasn’t there. Then, when you look at the second year of the Doeren tenure the Wolfpack went 8-5 and won the Bitcoin Bowl. That team was full of freshman and redshirt freshman. It shows that he was building something. That was followed up by a 7-5 record, which was a little bit of a disappointment, but it wasn’t crushing. Doeren kept speaking about the process and how this team needed to grow.

Then there was last season, which it looked as if Doeren might have been on his way out. at one point in the season 5-6 and seemed to be an utter disappointment. Doeren kept saying, we are close, stay with us, we are competing with the top end of the ACC. I was one of the people screaming for Doeren’s head.

I admit, in the fog of the season and the emotion of losing, I did not believe him. However, he was correct, when you look back, an OT loss at Clemson, a dropped INT against FSU, a kicker away from beating both B.C. and East Carolina.

This season is proof that I needed to be patient. Doeren has proven that he can evaluate talent (Bradley Chubb was a 3 star recruit coming out of high school). Doeren can coach those players up. The entire starting defensive line will be drafted after this season, and if Roseboro leaves early, that is at least 5 players. Doeren has brought in depth at every position, so next season there will be a step back, but not falling off a cliff. It is possible 4 out of the 5 offensive line starters will return last season.

NC State does lose do everything player Jaylen Samuels. However, Finley, Hines, and Harmon all return. So, the likelihood that NC State will regress to 3-9 again is unlikely!

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