Dino Babers works magic in Syracuse win over Clemson.

We told as recently as last week that Dino Babers was a good hire at Syracuse. We also told you this last year… 

Today against Virginia Tech in a 31-17 win, Syracuse proved it was capable of competing right now. Dino Babers and one of the better QBs you don’t know about Eric Dungey shredded a Bud Foster Virginia Tech defense for over 550 yards.

and we told you this about about Syracuse Eric Dungey, who we said was one of the best returning QBs in the ACC. 

3) Eric Dungey, Syracuse

In a conference that had astonishing depth last year at the QB position, you may have forget about the very talented Syracuse quarterback Eric Dungey. Dungey was a good fit for Dino Babers quick strike offense. With a completion rate of nearly 65%, Dungey showed accuracy throwing for 2,679 yards. Think about the stats he would have last season if hadn’t missed 3 full games to end the season.

Syracuse competing with Clemson really shouldn’t surprise you, but beating the defending the national champions who came into the game mowing down 3 top 15 teams? That would take a brilliant gameplan, and the belief it could even be done.

I think that’s what make Dino Babers so good. He’s brings the energy to a Syracuse team that at times plays far better than the sum of it’s parts. Not only is he energetic, but he is a great offensive mind. He got Clemson’s defense off-balance with his high-tempo offense. QB Eric Dungey never panicked when he got under pressure, and made smart decision after smart decision. The rest of the country is starting to find out what ACC followers already know – that Eric Dungey is one very good QB. That’s more Babers influence right there. The guy can flat out coach, and he got the the better of Dabo Swinney tonight.

Syracuse was well-prepared, more focused, and executed better than Clemson. Hats off to Dino Babers and his staff for one of the biggest wins in Syracuse football history. Syracuse probably doesn’t have the top to bottom to talent to truly contend in the Atlantic, but Syracuse is certainly capable of pulling off another upset or two this year.

If Syracuse can continue elevate their recruiting who knows what Babers can accomplish there. He’s been everything Syracuse fans could have hoped for so far in his tenure.

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