NC State may be Legit

I know, I know, I know, most fans read that tag line and say to themselves, “of course NC State is legit, where have you been?” If you have that thought, you haven’t been a fan of NC State very long, or talked to any fan about the football program.

With a road win over Florida State, they showed that they can win with programs that have cache in the ACC. They backed that up with a win versus Syracuse. Previous NC State teams would have wilted against the Orange, and found a way to lose that game. This team didn’t, not only did they not lose that game, they came back home and had their most impressive game of the Daven Doeren era. This team proved that they need to be taken seriously. They proved that they are more then just that impressive front 4. They proved that on offense, they aren’t just Jaylen Samuels. Ryan Finley can run the offense and has shown the ability and willingness to go down field. The offensive line has been playing well and protecting Finley.

This team does have the inexplicable loss to start the season in Charlotte against University of South Carolina. A game in which NC State totally dominated the stat sheet, but not on the score board. They followed that up with 2 lackluster performances against Marshal and Furman. Then something happened. Someone turned on a switch, or sprinkled the magic fairy dust, or slipped something in the Gatorade at practices. They started to dominate the line of scrimmage. This is where NC State turned the corner from an okay 7-8 win team, to a possible 10 win team. They have the horses to win 10 games. They have some tough games ahead, at Notre Dame, versus Clemson at home, at Wake Forest.

This entire blog post might be a mute point if NC State goes up to Pittsburgh and lays an egg. And if you don’t think that’s possible, I’ll give you losses last year against BC at home and East Carolina on the road.

Do I think this will happen? No, no I don’t. The defensive line is playing out of their minds, Bradley Chubb is wreaking havoc against offensive linemen. The offense is proving that they are explosive and when they need a score, they put the ball in the endzone and take your teams heart. Don’t believe me, go and watch the second half of the Louisville. Watch, each time Louisville got close, Finley, Samuels, Harmon, and Hines responded with touchdowns……

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