Mark Richt makes his mark at Miami with win over Florida State.

We told you before Mark Richt’s first full season it would happen. 

I believe he will put together a 4-5 year run that will be the best Miami has seen in over 15 years. There will eventually be a few wins over Florida State, and I believe Richt will win a division title, and possibly a conference title. I predict Miami will have multiple 10+ win seasons under Richt.

He beat Florida State, and has the Canes program on the rise.

I don’t care if Florida State is down in 2017. They lost their starting QB, and maybe that probably changed the complexion of their season. That’s fair to say, but for the Miami Hurricanes to go into Tallahassee, and earn a comeback victory over a still very talented FSU team is HUGE, and I mean HUGE for that football team.

The Hurricanes had lost seven straight to the Seminoles, and had they lost today I believe the streak would have reached double digits. Down 20-17 with under 2 minutes left, and following a Nole TD, it looked like the Canes were headed towards another heartbreaking loss to FSU.

That’s not what happened this time as QB Mark Rosier led the Canes to a game winning TD drive and the streak was broken.

I’ve always felt the fastest way for a coach to truly become embraced by a fanbase is break a losing streak to a rival. Mark Richt beat FSU in year 2 of his tenure, and that builds instant credibility with the fanbase, recruits, and the pollsters.

Is the U back? Are they a darkhorse playoff contender? Those questions will be asked, but let’s pump the brakes on that. For now let’s just say Richt has Miami in their best position for a special season in years. This wouldn’t have happened under the previous coaching staff. They are definite threat to win the Coastal Division.

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