FSU Opponent Preview: University of Miami

It’s Hurricane Season!

Already pushed back a month after Hurricane Irma, this match-up against arch-rivals Florida State and University of Miami has come at a time of dramatic parallels for both programs. Florida State, after two heart-breaking losses and an injury bug, has barely strung together a win against Wake Forest. The Miami Hurricanes meanwhile have strung together an undefeated season and are looking for the first win in a seven year losing streak against the Seminoles. With all the momentum going for them, will the Hurricanes finally take the next step in their progression and get over the Seminole fever?

Miami Hurricane Pros: Front seven, Mark Walton (RB)

Miami Hurricane Cons: Stopping the run game, explosive offense

Thoughts: Unfortunately, I am unable to provide the commentary that is deserving of this rivalry. The Miami Hurricanes, on paper, look to be a program on the rise that has all the momentum going for it. However, my only gauge on the team is a beating of Bethune-Cookman, a close game against Toledo (don’t look at the final score), and a beating over Duke that really came from Defensive dominance in the fourth quarter. I can’t speak much for FSU, they seem to be struggling to gel as a team. Coaching is an issue that I believe is in desperate need of address (which won’t happen until the post-season), as it is already impacting recruiting efforts on our end. However, I know we also have a talented run game waiting for the game to explode in. Miami affords FSU the opportunity, and the game is at home. FSU lost a game to Alabama, but at least was competitive (special team blunders aside). As it turns out, NC State is actually REALLY good. I think the win against WF, while ugly, was a confidence booster for the program that needed to get some momentum going its way.

Prediction: Miami has lost seven straight for a reason. FSU was in this same position last year, and won AT Miami. FSU finds itself at Doak, with thousands of fans supporting them. Miami hasn’t truly been tested yet. I think this FSU team is better than anticipated, but cannot afford a slow start. I’m going to put faith in my Noles in an ugly game, the rivalry lives up to expectations, but Miami falls short for eight years counting. Blackman solidifies himself as an offensive leader. The running game finally kicks in, Cam Akers makes his debut, much like the manner Dalvin Cook’s does.

FSU 34- Miami 27

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