New York Cable provider Altice will have the ACC Network

Some very interesting new about the ACC network came out this week. A couple of weeks we told you about this story when we discussed some recent ACC Network Notes. 

From this Bloomberg.com report on ESPN Pushing it’s College Channels. 

ESPN is pushing cable operator Altice USA Inc. to carry two of its college sports channels and make its flagship network more widely available as part of negotiations to renew a contract expiring at the end of the month, according to a person familiar with the matter…

…Disney is asking Altice to carry the SEC Network and the new ACC Network in the New York City area. Neither conference has a team based in that market.

Now it has confirmed from Bloomberg.com that the Altice will carry the SEC and the ACC Network.

Altice will carry the SEC Network, which features games from schools in the Southeastern Conference, and the yet-to-be launched ACC Network, which features Atlantic Coast Conference teams, the people said. Altice will drop one lesser-watched ESPN channel, the people said.

That’s 2.4 Million subscribers that just picked up the ACC Network before nearly 2 years before it launches. Also of interest is that Altice dropped on lesser-watched ESPN Channel. Which one could it be? Probably not ESPN2 or ESPNU – I’m guessing it’s ESPN Classic that is one to go.

We still don’t know the carriage rate, but this is still an extremely encouraging development for the ACC Network going forward.

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