Virginia Tech is right on schedule despite loss to Clemson.

Sometimes after a loss to anyone there can be tendency to ask, what’s wrong, why did we lose, etc etc. Virginia Tech lost Saturday night to Clemson 31-17, but Hokie fans should still very encouraged by their program direction.

Let’s be honest Clemson is just at another level from the rest of college football save Alabama right now. I’m saying it right now, this Clemson team is better than last year’s national championship team. Last season was more about incredible individual talents like Mike Williams and Deshaun Watson. This season Clemson is a more complete team with a defense that is simply frightening. This Hokie team isn’t really competing with Clemson at the moment, but I believe they will be down the road.

We’ve seen the Virginia Tech program win 10 games in it’s first year under Justin Fuente. DC Bud Foster’s record speaks for itself. They started this year beating a good West Virginia team and dominanting the rest of their schedule until Saturday night. Coaching wise Virginia Tech is near or at the level of Clemson.

Player for player though Clemson is a measuring stick for where Virginia Tech is trying to get. It’s a very simple matter for the Hokies –  recruit, recruit and recruit some more. Josh Jackson is a young, talented QB that Virginia Tech can build around. In year 2, it was probably asking too much for Virginia Tech to beat a team of Clemson’s caliber. Give it a couple of more years under Fuente, the Hokies are on the rise and right on schedule.

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  1. Hokie Mark says:

    Agreed. The Hokies have looked pretty good so far this season.

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