Clemson looks scary good while flat trouncing Louisville.

All I could think of as I was watching Clemson flatten Louisville was this team might be better than last year’s national championship team. That is bad news for the rest of the ACC and the rest of the country.

Clemson was Louisville’s Super Bowl this year. It was their biggest home game of the season. The Tigers were going to be a measuring stick for the Cardinals and they were no match Clemson. The Tigers defense is simply a ferocious unit – fast, aggressive, and dominanting. The country’s best. If Lamar Jackson, the nation’s most dynamic player can’t consistently move the ball against the Tigers defense who can?

Here’s the really scary part about Clemson, the offense is not a finished product. It’s not even close. Kelly Bryant at QB is just starting to get comfortable with the offense. The running backs are rotating mix of players, that aren’t quite the pass protectors Wayne Gallman was. Tavien Feaster looks like the most talented back, who I believe will eventually win out, but it is a work in progress.

I’d say the Clemson offense is only working at 70% efficiency. That doesn’t mean Clemson will win the national title or even make the playoffs. There are still a couple of dangerous games for Clemson. Virginia Tech is a more complete team than Louisville, and Bud Foster will throw everything in the defensive arsenal at Clemson in 2 weeks at Blacksburg. Florida State can match the Tigers talent wise mostly, but that game is in Death Valley. NC State in Raleigh could be tricky,  but 3 games into the season Alabama, Clemson, and Oklahoma look like they are in a class of their own.

For Louisville, there’s one thing you take from this game… Recruit, Recruit, and recruit some more. The Cardinals must get better at both lines of scrimmage to get to the next level as a football program. I don’t think any Cardinal fan will disagree with that.

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