At 3-0, this Duke Football deserves more Blue Devil fans show up to their home games.

Duke played a sloppy game today against a bad Baylor team. They won 34-20, and moved to 3-0. Daniel Jones made some uncharacteristic mistakes at QB, and the secondary gave up a couple long TD passes. You never really felt Baylor would win the game though. A win is a win. They took care of business and Duke moved to 3-0, and now has 2 Power 5 wins – Baylor Saturday, and Northwestern last week.

I believe they should be in top 25, and are a definite threat in the Coastal. I don’t think they are equipped to win the division, but are certainly capable of pulling some upsets and finishing with 8 maybe 9 wins. Remember prior to last year’s 4-8 season, the Blue Devils averaged 9 wins a year in the previous 3 seasons.

David Cutcliffe is again doing solid job and Duke is again a solid team. The school has invested heavily in facilities, and the season looks promising. Here’s the problem, many Duke fans don’t seem to care.

Seriously what is going here? Following a big win over Northwestern, Wallace Wade Stadium should be at least 75% full. 26, 714 was the listed attendance, but it looked closer to 15K. I remember being at the ACCCG when Duke play Florida State in 2013. FSU fans outnumbered Duke fans 5 to 1, and the game was in Charlotte, NC.  The schools, the coaches, and the players cannot do more.

Even close followers of the Duke program like Mike Kline have a hard time explaining things.

It’s hard to know what the issue is at Duke, but I do know the team and coaches deserve more fans the stands. They’ve earned it.

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  1. Hokie Mark says:

    Agreed, Duke football deserves better support.

    What can the school do? My Rx: give out free tickets to local high school students. Fill the stands with the next generation of fans…

    1. Jfann says:

      That would be a great idea – give 3K – 5K tickets a game to local highschools and charities.

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