Will Clay Travis Finally Get Fired? Update: Fox Did Fire Travis Six Months Ago!

Good evening, Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC) fans.

We rarely talk about Clay Travis on this site (only when he gets owned by Richard Deitsch or when he says stupid crap about how a college team is better than a pro team).  We generally don’t talk about Clay Travis because there are people out there that are doing a far better job and making very little money.

This time, Travis might have gone too far (even for his employer).  Watch this video below:


It is important to note that Fox has been cleaning house lately, especially when it comes to sexual harassment. (h/t @cnn)

Part of me wonders if Clay Travis wants to get fired because no one is this dumb.  That said, CNN knew what they were getting with Travis – the record is out there that he’s an idiot.

I have the perfect replacement for Clay Travis – how about Danny Kanell?


Update from John Ourand (@Ourand_SBJ):

That’s news to me – and a nice update from Ourand – apparently Fox drained Travis from the swamp six month ago.

Have a great Friday evening – enjoy the college football games this weekend!!

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