Pray for Florida

Hurricane Irma making it’s way towards Florida.

Well this has certainly taken a turn for the worst (no pun intended).

As I type, a powerful Cat. 4 Hurricane Irma is barreling it’s way towards Florida, strengthening as it churns. At this stage: impact is imminent, it’s just a matter of the severity. Already speculated to be far worse than anything Hurricane Andrew did (Andrew wiped Homestead off the face of the Earth), Irma is a catastrophic system that will impact Florida across both coasts, throughout the entire state. It’ll likely span over 24 hours in duration, sustaining Hurricane force winds, rain, and surges throughout it’s path through the spine of Florida.

Naturally, all in-state Collegiate athletics have been cancelled, as Universities and public school systems have been shut down per-orders from Governor Rick Scott. Rightfully so, as student athletes, fan bases, alumni, faculty, students, and emergency response personnel shouldn’t be crowding such events in crisis situations like the state is presently facing. The safety of the people in this state are of utmost importance. Despite our craving for collegiate athletics and rivalry games: sports can wait! Sorry Florida State and Miami, looks like your games will have to be played another year. Should this be bad enough, even the FSU vs Miami game might be postponed.

This storm will be bad, I won’t sugar coat it. I’ve evacuated from my new home in St. Petersburg, fleeing inland and am hunkered-in Orlando with my mother and grandfather. Many are in far worse situations: loved ones, including friends and family, are trapped in coastal communities, praying for the best and (hopefully) prepared for the worst. Those of you who are reading this and find themselves in the storm’s path: I’m praying for you, and hope help will find it’s way to you should you need it. For those of you who are out of harms way: please enjoy this weekend with your family, friends and other loved ones. Go watch those great Week 2 football games. Clemson and Auburn should be a blast! I hear Oklahoma might pull the upset in Columbus. Enjoy these days, but please do the following as well, fellow readers, sports enthusiasts, and people out of harms way:

Pray for Florida

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