QB Josh Jackson is a star in the making as Virginia Tech holds off West Virginia.

I was wondering where to go with this post-game article on Virginia Tech vs West Virginia. Do I praise Justin Fuente for reviving the Virginia Tech program? He deserves it, but I think we know Virginia Tech is in good hands with Fuente. What about asking if Virginia Tech is the ACC Coastal Division favorite now and a threat to Clemson and FSU? There is plenty of time to talk about that. Maybe we can discuss how this is a big win the ACC? Sure it is, and we’ll talk about that in our conference power rankings later this week, but this is Virginia Tech’s moment tonight.

I decided I want to write about RS-freshman Virginia Tech QB Josh Jackson. Playing in a national TV game against top 25 rivalry opponent, Josh Jackson delivered time and time again. Jackson has that “it” factor. You could see it tonight. He made mistakes. There were some over throws. He didn’t look comfortable on option plays. At times it appeared he needed to settle down a hair, but he is a star in the making and we saw it tonight.

Jackson had a turnover free game, and seemed to play better as the game went on. He had to because West Virginia QB Will Grier played his own outstanding game throwing for 371 yards and 3 TDs. The poise Jackson showed knowing he had to respond to Grier’s fine play was really impressive to watch.  He led Virginia Tech to two 4th quarter 80+ yard drives on their last two possessions. One was a TD, the other a missed FG, but that still took precious time off the clock. Hey he can’t kick the Field Goals too.

Under the tutelage of a coach known for turning out QB’s like Fuente, Jackson has the potential to be the ACC’s next great quarterback. You expect first year QB’s to have some growing pains, but when they perform like this in their first game in a huge matchup you get excited thinking about the possibilities for your team. Virginia Tech fans be patient, because there will probably be some freshman moments, but be excited about the future. Jackson has only the touched the surface of his potential, and nobody could have asked for more in his first start.

To my blogging partner @hokiesmash_ASD congrats on the win, and here’s how you have fun with a rival after a big win. Enjoy it Hokie fans. 

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