Canadians Freaking Out About the Air Canada Centre Naming Rights Change, But Stole the #ACC Twitter Hash Tag For Too Many Years


Well, happy Wednesday evening – and let me tell you, we’re about to talk about one of the most important issues we are every going to discuss at @AllSportsDACC (yes, there’s a degree of sarcasm in this comment).

If you haven’t heard, our Canadian neighbors to the North are absolutely freaking out about the name change of the Air Canada Center to Scotiabank Arena (the major tenant here, of course, is the NHL’s  Toronto Maple Leafs):

Name changes are common for professional sports arenas.  Professional sports teams do this to raise revenue.  The teams generally ink long-term, high dollar value naming rights deals with businesses – the teams get this additional revenue and the businesses get some advertising for their brand.  Scotiabank has apparently shelled out $800 million over 40 years for the naming rights to the Toronto Leafs venue:

And it’s true – you’ve got many, many Canadians that are not not happy with this development:


Now this guy seems a big more sensible:

Now this one was pretty funny:

Except maybe this is Karma here for our Canadian friends that their beloved Air Canada Center will have a name change.

Our neighbors to the North have been stealing (I mean, it’s like corporate heist) the Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC) Twitter hash tag (#ACC) for many, many years.  The #ACC is home to the some of the most elite institutions in the entire world, including Boston College, Clemson, Duke, Florida State, Georgia Tech, Louisville, Miami, NC State, North Carolina, Pittsburgh, Syracuse, Virginia, Virginia Tech, and Wake Forest (the conference has its own academic consortium).  As @TalkinACCSports has said, the #ACC is really in the midst of a golden age for its major sports.    On top of that, some of the most significant academic research is being published from ACC schools, such as Virginia Tech, who called out water safety in Flint, Michigan, or Georgia Tech’s study on rush hour pollution.

Perhaps the #ACC is getting back what our friends to the North never rightfully owned – the #ACC twitter hash tag is coming back to the correct owner 😉

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