Should Virginia Tech Have Waited to Schedule Liberty? The Answer is Yes.

Good afternoon, Atlantic Coast Conference fans.

It’s somewhat underreported, but Virginia Tech has scheduled Liberty to a series of future football games.

I am big on scheduling in-state football programs – scheduling in-state football programs saves travel money and it keeps the money in the Commonwealth of Virginia.

That said, I have some concerns about scheduling Liberty – and this is really for any ACC team that schedules Liberty.

As I said here, I thought Liberty hiring Ian McCaw (former Baylor Athletic Director) was unconscionable.  Liberty didn’t even even wait until the U.S. Department of Education Title IX investigation was complete to ensure that McCaw’s role at Baylor was sorted out – they hired McCaw right way. According to the Waco Tribune, McCaw has denied negligence in the Baylor Title IX lawsuit:

Attorney Thomas Brandt said Friday that McCaw will be vindicated after all the facts are known.

“We want to be sensitive to anyone who has suffered the trauma of a sexual assault, and we can’t emphasize that enough,” Brandt said. “But in the course of the legal proceedings, we have to focus on presenting the full truth of the situation. I’m confident that when the full truth is revealed, it will show that my client, Ian McCaw, was not negligent. I believe that many people will be surprised when they learn the full truth about the situation.”

I believe if you are Virginia Tech (and any ACC team for that matter), you wait until the legal proceedings are over – and McCaw is cleared of any wrongdoing.  You can’t schedule Liberty until you learn about McCaw’s involvement in the Baylor Title IX lawsuit.

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