Support @MattZemek at his new College Football Patreon Site.

From ESPN layoffs, to newspapers writers get laid off… writing and covering sports for living is not easy. I’ve seen some really good writers lose their jobs. Some really great bloggers have stopped writing due to the demands placed on them by their parent sites. Deadspin recently wrote about the SBNation how their bloggers are paid.  I’m not going to get into what I think about that article. SBNation has some fine writers that work very hard, and you can judge for yourself the Deadspin article.

Let’s just say writing about sports is a labor of love. We here at AllSportsDiscussion are certainly that. We aren’t going to retire on what the blog makes money wise. We do it because we enjoy it. With that said a writer we really respect @MattZemek  is working on an endeavor that we hope you’ll visit and support.

His site https://www.patreon.com/Zemek will be the home to his college football content.

From his site…

The money I make goes back to helping others in and beyond journalism. Thank you for being part of a solution to the ESPN layoffs and other negative forces in modern American journalism!

Hear hear… please check out Matt’s site.

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