Take a Moment to Reflect on College Football

Clemson fans tailgating before a home game.

Take a moment to reflect. It’s a calm Sunday morning. Reflect on the 2016 season. Your favorite team won some tense games. Your favorite team lost some heartbreakers. Your team was praised by ESPN, then shot down by them. Clearly, they’re biased. But you don’t care. You love your team, and that’s all that matters.

Smoke rising from a nearby grill, the scent of charred meat and sweet hickory, you’re walking in a sea of Garnet and Gold, Blue and Orange, Crimson, Carolina Blue, Burnt Orange, regardless, you’re amongst friends. Your team will win against those hated rivals. Screams, cheers, silence. Celebration. Heartbreak. 2016 seems like a distant memory, yet not so distant at all.

The off-season has been a long one, but now it’s time. Time to flip on the TV. Time to preview your favorite team once again. You’re going to make it to the Playoff and win it all, you might tell yourself. You might be happy just to make a bowl this season. It doesn’t matter. The holidays are here! Fall is nearly here!

You smile to yourself and look out the window, drinking your coffee. The scent reminds of you of early mornings, it’s five A.M., but you don’t care. You’re all ready to go, dressed in your colors. College Gameday hums in the background, there goes Lee Corso with his mascot head! You’ve got your tent set up, grill heated, and drinks in your alternative Yeti cooler. Heck, you’ve even got themed cups and plates for your friends. They just arrived. The radio is on and tailgating ensues. You’re playing cornhole and that noon kickoff just began. Meats are on the grill, and drinks are poured. You’re with friends. You’re with fans. Get those rival colors out of here, this is your moment!

You can taste the 2017 season, it’s nearly here. All across the land, from the Atlantic Coast to the Pacific West, from Roll Tide to Enter Sandman, Tomahawk Chops and War Chants fill the air, while Clemson charges the field. Jim Harbaugh is up to no good once again, the Gators are chomping. The ramblin wreck is humming along, while Boomer Sooner rings on high.

We’re the 12th man, the everyday fan. College Football is here, and there is nothing else we hold so dear. So take this moment and reflect. Reflect on your legacy, your college team’s history. Reflect on the present, your loved ones, on the season so near. Reflect upon the future, your hopes, your dreams. Make every day matter, it’ll fly by. September is on the rise, and with it, another season of memories. Memories good. Memories bad. Memories with family, friends, fans, foes. Memories you’ll never regret, no matter the season you have. College Football is here. Take a moment, and reflect.

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