How Disney will save ESPN via Yahoo Finance.

You’ve heard it over and over… cord cutting is slowly killing ESPN. There’s no question it is an issue. With the ACC Network tied at the hip with ESPN, there’s reason for ACC schools and their fans to pay attention to what is happening at ESPN and parent company Disney. You didn’t really think Disney was just going to let ESPN keep struggling did you?

Yahoo.Finance details how Disney plans to save ESPN. 

If and when it does finally take the cable channel over the top, that product, too, will be powered by BAM Tech, and would likely be very lucrative—just the kind of thing that could bring cord-cutters back to ESPN. 

From the Verge.com  article ESPN’s upcoming streaming service. 

the previously announced all-new ESPN streaming service is launching next year. We first heard about this service last year, when Disney acquired a minority stake in BAMTech, the MLB-founded video juggernaut behind many of the most popular sports and TV streaming services.

From SI.com on ESPN’s streaming service

The platform will reportedly include about 10,000 sports events per year including content from the MLB, NHL, MLS, college sports and tennis’ majors. There is no word as to whether the service will include NBA or NFL content. 

College Sports? That most certainly will include the ACC Network. It appears Disney and ESPN are preparing for how consumers will watch their sports in the future – and that’s good for the ACC Network.

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