Let’s find a television home for @dannykanell

A couple of tweets went out today that reminded me, I kind of miss Danny Kanell being on ESPN.

Classic Kanell there. Years ago when the SEC used to dominate college football, it was very rare for media personalities to challenge anything SEC. Former FSU QB Kanell did that, and he did it so often he at one time had to say “I don’t hate the SEC”.  

For those outside of SEC land, it was refreshing to hear an opposing voice to the SEC. He was one of the first point out the ACC was an improving football conference. Unfortunately, Kanell was let go by ESPN earlier this year.

Now we’ve found out his replacement is going to be former SEC Network Analyst and former Florida QB Jessie Palmer.

Palmer may yet be OK, but don’t look for him question much about the SEC. It’s doubtful he’ll promote the ACC the way Kanell did as well. In fact we know that won’t happen. The bottom line is as far as I know Danny Kannell is still not on television. I said two years ago Kanell would be a perfect fit for the ACC Network. 

I hope that can still happen, but if not let’s find Kannell a home somewhere. If I’m the ACC I’d find a way to get him on ACC coverage in some capacity that’s for sure.

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