How can Rivals.com say Paul Johnson has the second Hottest Seat in the ACC?

How can Rivals.com say Paul Johnson has second Hottest Seat in ACC? That’s a good question, because that’s exactly what they said in a recent article. 

2. Paul JohnsonGeorgia Tech: Johnson is 70-48 as a head coach at Tech coming off a 9-4 season, but some still think it’s time for a change after his 3-9 campaign in 2015.

The author Mike Farrell clearly has a lack of understanding of Georgia Tech and their fanbase. I know because I am one.

No Georgia Tech coach will ever and I mean ever will enter a year on the hotseat following a 9 win season, a victory over Georgia, and a bowl win.

Sure there were hotseat whispers after a 3-9 2015, but find me any fanbase in the country that won’t feel some frustration after such a season. Even then, most Georgia Tech fans gave Johnson a pass on 2015, because in 2014 the Yellow Jackets won 11 games, beat Georgia again, won the Orange Bowl, and finished the season the top 10. It’s was the best Georgia Tech team since the 1990 National Championship squad, and the best non-Clemson\FSU ACC team of the decade.

Look at the programs Johnson has beat since 2012 – USC, Georgia (2), Florida State, Clemson, A top 10 Mississippi State team to go along with 3 bowl wins. He’s been to 3 ACC Championship games.

Paul Johnson isn’t on the hotseat. He isn’t close to the hotseat. Honestly I’m not really sure what Rivals is talking about here or how they came to this conclusion.

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