Rest in Peace, Jim Vance

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Let me tell you something – people in the Washington, DC area love them some Jim Vance.  NBC4 news anchor, Jim Vance, was a Washington institution.  Vance was with NBC4 for 45 years as anchor (and 50 years overall)!

Vance passed away today after a brief battle with cancer – he was 75 years old.

Please read that last article from @NBCWashington. They do a great job with this video below:

I spent almost two decades watching Vance on NBC4 and he is best local news anchor I’ve ever seen.  It’s not close.  Vance was the best friend to his on air team, he was a BIG sports fan, and just an all-around terrific person (he loved the DMV and served his community).  Let’s run through a few segments of his career:

Here’s Vance having a lot of fun 😉

Here’s Vance providing commentary on the Redskins name:

Here is Vance ranting about Albert Haynesworth (loved this segment):

Here’s Vance winning LOL:

Here’s Vance, the class act, talking about former NBC4 weatherman, Bob Ryan:

And here is Vance announcing that he has cancer – he really shows his human side here:

Folks, I will really miss Jim Vance – he was a super individual. Rest in peace, Jim Vance.

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