Haters Need to Get a Life When it Comes to Critiquing Kevin Durant

You haters really need to get a life when it comes to critiquing Kevin Durant.

Kevin Durant took a lot of flack for going to Golden State with the old, “You couldn’t beat LeBron James at Oklahoma City so you had to go to the Golden State Warriors to get your ring.”

That take is wrong and here’s why: Doctors, attorneys, chemists, engineers, auditors, accountants, programmers, information assurance analysts, and even teachers have relocated to cities for a variety of reasons. Perhaps they move for more money (not the case with Durant), or they are going to love their new co-workers (it can be powerful to work with a group of really smart people as an attorney, or an auditor, an engineer, or whatever profession), or they are just going to love the new city that they move to – those are just a few reasons.

Durant – like many of these professions I referred to – was moving to a situation that not many athletes have an opportunity to be part of – a super team. I remember my days at one of the organizations I worked at from 2005 – 2013 (one of the best groups of people I ever worked with) – you cherish opportunities like that when you work with a solid group of people.  It’s no different for athletes.

Now comes to news that Kevin Durant has renewed his contract with Golden State for significantly less than market value – because he wants to play with a super group of players (the Warriors can retain Sean Livingston and Andrew Iguodala).  There is NO problem with that.  None.  #GOH if you think there is.  Our friend, @vabeachrep, nails it:


So congratulations to Kevin Durant not only for his ring – and the NBA Finals MVP – but for staying on with the Warriors.

All of us are going to make a move that will have significant impact on our lives – Kevin Durant made his move – and has reaped the rewards.

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