@DavidTeelatDP with updates on ACC Network and details on Virginia and Virginia Tech’s infrastructure plans for it.

Here’s another article from the esteemed ACC journalist David Teel on the ACC Network. Teel was always on top of the where the ACC Network’s status was, and now he brings some of the best updates what ACC schools are doing in terms of infrastructure – in particular Virginia and Virginia Tech. Those are the schools he covers most for the Daily Press.

Take a look at his piece Virginia and Virginia Tech investing millions into the ACC Network. There is a lot of detail there on what exactly what those schools are working on.

Here are couple highlights from his article.

Virginia, Florida State and Duke are far ahead of pace, with the ACC’s 12 other campuses in various states of readiness. All will spend millions, initially on facilities, then on manpower.

Those on the front line such as Goodale and Walls share information, and they have mined peers in the Southeastern Conference for insight — the SEC Network, also in concert with ESPN, launched in 2014.

The universal ACC theme: The schools’ considerable investments and logistical challenges will pay dividends in the form of exposure and revenue.

Few understand those challenges as well as ESPN’s Rex Arends.

He worked at Fox Sports when it started the Big Ten Network in 2007 and was at ESPN for SEC Network planning and launch. Now he serves as a primary ESPN liaison with ACC schools…

That’s encouraging I’d say. Rex Arends seems to have as much experience as anyone out there in getting conference networks off the ground. That he’s worked with the two most successful conference networks and is now involved with the ACC is nothing but a positive.

Also from the Teel piece… This sounds sounds encouraging as well.

ESPN’s Arends applauds ACC schools’ collective willingness to change.

“They’ve embraced the spoke-and-hub control room concept of being able to produce their own content and have a little more input into the marketing and branding of their product,” he said. “It’s a great process, and it’s going to be an outstanding final product.”

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