How did Oregon St baseball allow a sex offender on it’s baseball team?

Good evening ACC fans. As we wind down the college baseball season and ACC fans rooting for Louisville and Florida State in Omaha, there is a situation that has come to a head with Oregon State. Now, for those who do not follow college baseball or Oregon State allow me to explain. You see, Oregon State’s best pitcher Luke Heimlich is a registered sex offender. You read that correctly, Luke Heimlich is a registered sex offender, whom is apparently allowed on a college campus and play college baseball with very little coverage until recently.

The sex offense occurred when Heimlich was 15 and sexually assaulted his 6 year old female family member. Heimlich is 21 years old, which means, he has been on Oregon St’s campus for 3 years. We are just now hearing about this. Think about that… A person who has a molestation conviction against a 6 year old has been wondering around a college campus for 3 years with no one knowing. Not only this, Heimlich has been allowed to play baseball.

This is a moral dilemma. The United States has proclaimed that it is the land of second chances. There are some crimes that are unforgivable and molestation is one of those crimes. Luke Heimlich shouldn’t have the privilege of playing college sports. Heimlich shouldn’t be allowed on scholarship. I will stop short of saying that Heimlich shouldn’t be enrolled at a University, that is up to the individual universities policies, but I wouldn’t allow him on my campus.

Oregon State has bowed to the pressure and will not allow Heimlich to pitch in Omaha. However, it was not out of their moral compass. Oregon State allowed Heimlich to be on their campus for 3 years and sold their soul to make it to the College World Series. And only now have they done something about it. Not when they gave him the opportunity to receive a sports scholarship at Oregon St. Not when they allowed him to enroll in school there.


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